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Generate regular HTML links for sharing content on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Share rich content without javascript or third-party resources.

Most social link generators are too simplistic, exclude features necessary to share rich content, or they generate deprecated HTML code that no longer works properly. Which is exactly why we created this one!

For most developers and webmasters, speed should be paramount! Shaving off an extra second or two not only improves user-experience, but it can positively affect your search engine ranking. This is one thing that prompted us to create the Social Link Generator for sharing to sites like Facebook, Twitter Google Plus, Pinterest and more!

We originally used what seemed to be good resources for creating hard-coded minimal HTML links for sharing products from an ecommerce site (where speed is TOP priority) to the most common social media outlets. While those link generators more or less got the job done, a few of their generated links worked properly, suggesting the projects may have been abandoned. After reviewing many of the genrators out there, and reviewing some of the automatic social linking sites, we had a good jumping-point for generating more functional links.

What we came up with seems rock-solid, but don't take our word for it…

Build Your Social Links

Enter details of the page you want to share in the form below. Only the Page URL is required, but providing additional information will format content differently and/or include additional features on some social media platforms.

Note: The working example above was created using links from our site's details. We also utilize Open Graph, Twitter Cards and JSON-LD (view source) which is interpreted by supporting social media platforms and search engines. View our page source to see the code generated for our own site.

Page URL is required and must include a protocol such as "https://"
Name of the website, article, service(s) or product(s).
Detailed description of about 250 characters. #HastTags allowed. Long text may be truncated.
If provided, Image URL must include a protocol such as "https://"

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